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revitalize or repurpose

We were able to start our church in San Diego because a band of courageous Christ-followers took a bold step: they sold their church building.  After years of declining attendance, the building was debt-free but little money was left over for ministry.  Rather than just hold on, they liquidated their biggest asset and used the funds to start two new churches.  The ripples of that decisions are still being felt.

All across the country there are scores of faithful believers who meet in small numbers every Sunday.  Their love of God remains unchanged.  Their desire to see people come to know Jesus is still there.  Unfortunately, they often lack the resources they need to make an impact in their community.  Weekly offerings pay the utilities and a part-time salary.  They are under-resourced with one exception: they may own their property “free and clear.”

At this point, I see four options:

  1. Continue to do what they’ve been doing and continue getting the results they’ve been getting.
  2. Sell their property and restart in a new location, with new resources.
  3. Sell their property and help start multiple new churches.
  4. Or a combination of 2 and 3.

It’s my prayer that more and more established but declining churches will give serious thought and prayer to what God would have them do.

In San Diego, a small band of 30-something Christians gave birth to two churches and a combined weekly attendance of over 500 people.  There are people who found their way back to God in these new churches who never would have otherwise.

Our assets are kingdom assets.  Let’s use them to advance the kingdom.