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We held LifePoint’s last worship service yesterday and it was amazing to hear people tell stories of how our church had impacted their lives.  As a pastor, you’re usually aware of life situations and struggles.  What you may not always be aware of is how you are influencing lives.  After our opening set of music and communion, we had an open mic time of sharing.  Nearly a dozen people got up and talked about the difference our church community had made in their lives.  One lady spoke of the “ripples” of influence that LifePoint would have for years to come.  I thought that was an appropriate image.  By some measures, our time was short (only four years).  But by God’s measures, the ripples will extend throughout eternity.

It was humbling to hear how God orchestrated events to allow our paths to cross at critical junctions.  One lady spoke about finding us after her marriage of thirty-two years ended in divorce.  Another came to us after her boyfriend was incapacitated in an accident.  Still another is in seminary preparing to do micro-lending in third-world countries.  One young man spoke up and talked about being accepted.  Another gentleman, a life-long Christian, spoke about having fun in church for the first time.

The ripples will outlive all of us.