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road trip

The family and I are taking a road trip tomorrow to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. We’re going with another family and spending the night. I had the opportunity a few months ago to go with a friend and it was a great experience. The view alone is worth the price of admission.

Hannah was reading about Reagan this morning and said, “Hey Dad, Ronald Reagan was born in Illinois, just like you were. And he moved to California, just like you did. But then he became President.” My response — give me about 30 more years and I’ll be ready.

This may be our last road trip for a while. On Monday, I start my new position with Blue Haven Pools as the web designer for their ecommerce division ( The parent company is a big $_ _ _ million company that has been around for decades; the ecommerce division is about a year and a half old. So it has the feel of a start-up with the backing of a secure, stable company.

It’s also located downtown near the Gaslamp and comes with free parking! I’m excited to lend my creative skills to what seems to be a really good company.

LifePoint goes on and is doing well. I look forward every weekend to teaching such a great group of people. The reality is we are a new church in a high cost area — but the blessing is that we have so many talented people who contribute to our community.

In some respects, we find ourselves more aligned with the experience of the first century church. The old-school term we once used was “tentmaking.” That simply meant that Paul worked a day job and preached and pastored whenever and where ever he could. The source of his income didn’t matter; what mattered was that people heard about Jesus.

LifePoint continues to support CityWalk Church with ten percent of our weekly offerings. Several of our members are also helping out with Wave Christian Church, a new church starting this fall in Chula Vista. Through thick and thin, we want to remember that we are a part of a larger Kingdom movement.