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Santosh and Break Dancing

It’s night time here in Nepal.  Our team spent the first part of today meeting various people at Tiny Hands, the organization that we are working with this week.  They shared with us more specifics regarding their mission and vision.  After lunch we had a few free hours and I settled into a coffee shop (surprise). This one grew and roasted its own beans. The coffee was fantastic … but I digress.

Tonight we split into two teams and went to two different children’s homes. I went to an all boys home.  The boys ranged in age from 4-14.  After introductions, we played a few indoor games and then went upstairs to the roof, also known as the dance floor. The “dance floor” was a piece of wood spread out over concrete.  The boys obviously practice dancing quite a bit.  After a little encouragement, I busted a few moves myself.

Returning inside, we did a few crafts with them. Being an all boys home meant excess energy.  In the midst of it all, a little boy named Santosh brought out his homework and started working on it.  He’s about six or seven years old.  I sat down beside him and he began getting all of his notebooks out.  He would flip through them, stopping to point at the exercises with stars next to them (skipping right past the ones where he missed a lot of questions).  He would find a star, point at it, and say, “Me.”

My smile must have encouraged him to find every star.

We wrapped up everything, said goodbye, and left for a late dinner.  As I walked away, I thought to myself, “Everyone wants to be a star.”