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sarah palin and her daughter

I’ve been following the media frenzy over the fact that John McCain’s newly minted running mate has a 17-year-old daughter who is pregnant. The news came to light because of a liberal blog that spread the rumor that Palin’s infant son actually belonged to her 17-year-old daughter. This nasty rumor forced the Palins to set the record straight, which included sharing the news about her pregnant daughter.

What is amazing is how much air time and print space is getting devoted to this story. It seems rather ironic — and a bit hypocritical — that the press would pursue this story when we were told that a politician’s sex life didn’t matter when that politician was named Bill Clinton. And we’re not even talking about the candidate herself but her 17-year-old daughter!

At first blush, it appears to be two things: 1) it appears to be the liberal press saying, “Gotcha” to a conservative candidate. 2) it appears way out of line and I think most Americans will feel the same way … ask the candidate hard questions but leave the kids out of it.

Why would anyone want to gloat over the fact that a young girl has gotten pregnant? According to the liberal mindset, we should be celebrating the fact that the younger Palin has expressed her individuality — I thought that was the reasoning behind why most liberals do not support parental notification when it comes to abortion. A 17-year-old should be old enough to know what to do with her body.

Of course, the real issue is not the 17-year-old but Governor Palin. Her nomination must have scared the beejeebies out of some people based upon how quickly things turned nasty.

Could it be that those on the left understand that Sarah Palin will reasonate with average, ordinary voters in states where Obama-Biden do not?