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scenes from day one

Here are a few pix from LifePoint: Day One!

This is Ken interviewing Will Edwards, our first featured local artist.

first gathering at 9 AM

The crowd at our 9 AM gathering.

The crowd at our 10:45 gathering.

Another shot of the 10:45 gathering.

Jay and Ben trading acoustic licks.

Our way of doing communion.

The couch lounge.

holy joes

Holy Joe’s, the LifePoint Cafe.

That’s Kirby behind the shield.

jay and will

Jay with Will Edwards.

The Kids at KidPoint.

Getting ready for KidPoint.

What a surly group of kids!

Matt helping a little buddy shoot pool.

The tech guys are under a lot of pressure.

Yes, this really is our band.

Will Edwards performing live at LifePoint.

Will Edwards still live at LifePoint.

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  • Britton Dennis says:

    It was truly a blessed day. I think God has some amazing things planned as we continue to follow Him.