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sdsu drug bust

Within the past week, local law enforcement agents along with agents from the DEA busted a major drug ring at SDSU that resulted in the arrest of over 100 people. The most scary part of it was the connection to a Mexican drug cartel. Several fraternities were implicated and one of the students was majoring in Homeland Security.

Most amazing has been the reaction of some of the faculty. Many resented the fact that the university asked for law enforcement to get involved. This in spite of the fact that the investigation began because an SDSU student had overdosed and died. Also in spite of the fact that Mexican drug cartels don’t take getting stiffed too lightly and are known for exacting deadly revenge. And did I mention that the number of Americans falling victim to armed robbery in Baja is at an all-time high?

Here’s a story that appeared in the Daily Aztec.