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One of the phrases we hear a lot these days is “game-changer.” It usually means something so big has happened that it changed everything around it.

For me, getting baptized was a game-changer. So was when Tonya agreed to marry me. The birth of our two girls were game-changers. The same is true when both of my parents died.

In each of these cases, the circumstances of my life changed.

On a global scale, we could list a number of events that changed the course of history.

Yet none of these events have the changed the world as much as the events that happened 2,000 years ago. For the next seven weeks at Mountainview we are going to look at the seven days that changed the world — the last week of Jesus’ life.

Using the lens of John 18-20, we’ll walk through the significant events of those seven days. My prayer is that you will experience those seven days like never before.