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seven leadership questions

Found this great post from Perry Noble.  It’s about what questions should church leaders be asking themselves.

Seven Leadership Questions Teams Should Be Asking

Yes, I KNOW that I posted a “seven things” deal yesterday…but we’re doing it again today…because…that’s what I felt like I should write about!  🙂

#1 – What do we need to stop doing?

Leadership teams are often obsessed with new things they need to do…but what about things that need to STOP being done?

  • Is there ANYTHING in your church that you are having to manufacture energy for?
  • Is there anything that you attend ONLY because you are on staff…and not because you are genuinely excited about it?
  • Why do you do the things you do…because you’ve always done them, or because you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that Jesus has commanded you to do them?

If you need help in this area…I would HIGHLY recommend bringing in Tony Morgan to consult.  (Here is where you can get more information.) He is EXCELLENT and assisting churches in evaluating where you are and challenging you to stop doing things that are not necessary.)

#2 – What bothers us about our church?

Look at your own church.  (Unfortunately people are REALLY awesome and saying what bothers them about other churches…only because looking at their own church would force them to handle their own dysfunctional leadership issues!)

What bothers you?  Seriously…what about your own church drives you up the wall?  THAT is where changing the world begins…if we can’t handle business at home then how in the world would we ever believe that God would trust us with greater things?

(By the way…if the thing that bothers you about your church is, “these people just don’t get it” and you’ve been there for over three years…then that problem isn’t THEIR problem…it’s YOURS because they are following YOUR leadership!)

#3 – What bothers us about our community?

What is the biggest need in the community where your church is?  Where can the biggest difference than can be made?  What bothers/burdens you about your city?  God didn’t place us where we are so we can just pray about it…He has called us to take action.

#4 – What bothers us about the world?

God has called us to reach the world for Him…so, as a church…what BOTHERS you the most about what is happening in the world?  Is it human trafficking?  Is it AIDS?  Is it poverty?  Is it a lack of food and clothes in other nations?  Is it people needing access to clean water?  Is it kids with no parents?  What is it that BURDENS you…find out as a church and the DIVE IN to meeting a need that absolutely STIRS your SOUL to action.

#5 – How can we do things better?

One of the biggest pitfalls of a church is when they believe they have discovered the best way of doing something…thus causing them to switch into cruise control.

#6 – Who do we need to be talking to?

Churches should learn from one another.  I’ve said it before…our job should be to complete one another, not compete with one another.  Saying that…who are the churches you need to learn from?  (I didn’t say imitate…I said learn from!)  By the way…learning from other churches doens’t happen by chance/accident…it must be an intentional effort.

#7 – What’s next?

When a church becomes content with the way things are…it’s over!!!  Leaders should NEVER apologize for getting in a room and asking “what if” questions in regards to vision.