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shrinking thinking

Leaders who excel at moving organizations forward (be it a church, business, or team) are typically “big picture” thinkers.  By painting a compelling vision of the future, they encourage others to follow where they might not otherwise go.  Often it is the leader’s ability to begin with the end in mind that gathers people to the vision itself.

As leaders, we need to be aware of what I call “shrinking thinking.”  Symptoms include focusing on the minutia rather than the mission or reducing options rather than expanding them.  A sure sign of a lost vision is when a leader spends too much time wading through the trivial instead of allowing others to handle the details.  With that comes a lack of clarity that slows everything down.

The cure?  Set aside significant time each week to reflect on the big picture.  And then ask others you trust how big they think it is.  If what you think is big is really little, keep burrowing in until you recapture a vision worth living (and dying) for.