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six conversations

This is from Mac Lake and is called “Six Conversations Leaders Need to Have.”

You interact with your staff everyday, you pass them in the halls, you pop into their office or even go to lunch together on occasion. But how intentional are those interactions? Intentional interactions with those we lead create development opportunities that increase their leadership productivity. But too often leaders neglect meeting with the individuals on their team because they dont know what to talk about. So here are six conversations you need to have with the individuals on your team. I’ll write more on each of these later but for now here is the concept and one question each to get the conversation started.

1. The Strengths Conversation. What are your strengths and what percentage of your time do you feel you operate in your strengths?
2. The Passion Conversation. What are you most passionate about in your role and how are you using that to inspire others performance?
3. The Goals Conversation. What are your goals for the next six months and what style of leadership do you need me to provide for you with each of these goals? (Directive, Coaching, Supporting, Delegation)
4. The Personal Development Conversation. What areas do you feel you need to grow in professionally and how can I help?
5. The Soul Care Conversation. What are the most recent things God is doing in your life?
6. The Succession Conversation. Who are you developing to take your place?

What conversation do you need to have with the individuals on your team this week?