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some new music

Discovering one new artist almost always leads to a few more. A few weeks ago we watched the movie “Because of Winn Dixie” and one of the artists on the soundtrack was The Be Good Tanyas. Canadian folk. Really good.

When I discover new artists/groups, I usually do the following: Go to Google and try to find shows, festivals, concerts, etc., and see who else they play with. Generally speaking, artists play with artists who are similar in style. Perhaps it’s just the hunter in me.

Well, from that five minutes of “work,” I found a few more goodies I’d like to share with you. In no particular order, but I do recommend they find their way to you iPod.

Neko Case
Kasey Chambers
Alecia Nugent
My Morning Jacket

Finding new music is like waking up to a great cup of coffee that will never grow cold.