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something special

Here’s a fundamental belief I have as a pastor: people want to be involved in something special.  Whether or not it is unique is not the issue.  What matters is this … are we making a difference?

What makes something “special”?  Here are few random thoughts:

  • It goes beyond what is acceptable.  People are not inspired when they are asked to just get by or be mediocre.  People are most fulfilled when they are challenged to succeed.
  • It touches the heart.  Meaning comes in different forms for different people.  Good leaders are those who help attach meaning to even the simplest task or responsibility.  If it’s just a job, it’s probably not that special.
  • It has the faith factor.  Special projects or special teams have this in common: there is an element of “what are we doing!”  “How can we do this?”  “Are we crazy?”

Are you creating special opportunities for those you lead?