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spiritual development plan

I’ve been working with my coach on creating a “spiritual development plan” for the people who come to LifePoint. In other words, how do we intend to help them mature and become better equipped Christ-followers? To this point, we have focused primarily on how to bring people in — something a new church has to do. We’re now entering a stage where we need to begin thinking and acting more strategically and structurally.

So, I spent most of yesterday brainstorming ideas, looking up relevant Bible verses, and trying to get a feel for the “flow” of things. Tonya chipped in with a name I liked and we’re hoping to put it in place before the end of the year.

It will include …

  • Pizza with the Pastor. This is our way of introducing recent attenders to myself and LifePoint.
  • Starting Point. This will be our basic introduction to Christianity and the LifePoint, story, vision, and values.
  • LifeLink. This will seek to connect people to ministries and teams.
  • GroupLink. This will seek to move people into new and existing LifeGroups.

I really believe this is the next stage we need to put in place. Attracting new people is something we will always do — now we need a way of connecting, developing, and deploying the people God brings our way.

Stay tuned … more details to come.