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sunday nights revisited

Tonight I worshiped at Restoration Community Church near Denver University.  Restoration is a new church that is doing a fantastic job of reaching the neighborhood around DU.  As I looked around the crowd, it reminded me of those who attended our church plant (LifePoint!) in San Diego — young people in their 20’s and 30’s.

There is another church here in Denver, Pathways, that runs over 2,000 on weekends.  That includes two (2) Sunday night services.

In San Diego, Flood Church holds two Sunday night services (they dropped two when they added two Sunday morning services).

And I’m sure there are others who are using Sunday nights very effectively to reach people in their 20’s and 30’s.

Tonight made me think: do we (the church) need to rethink Sunday nights if we are going to reach today’s younger generation?

Many of our churches dropped Sunday nights because attendance was poor and it became a burden to hold an entirely different service from Sunday mornings.  Truth be told, many churches gave Sunday night their leftovers and it showed.

What if Sunday nights are now the most effective night to reach young adults?

What do you think?