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sunday recap

We kicked off a new series this weekend at Mountainview called “Chase the Lion.”  It’s based on a book by Mark Batterson that features an obscure character from the Old Testament – Benaiah.  I had the privilege of kicking off the series with a message entitled, “Defying the Odds.”  The basic premise was this: your view of God will determine the size of the challenges you tackle.

Our creative arts team did a fantastic job of designing the stage.  Our music was good, as it always is.  At our second service I had the opportunity to baptize a young lady into Christ as her mom stood near by.

Tonight we hosted “Laugh All Night,” a Christian comedy concert to benefit mission efforts in Haiti.  It was very well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  I was a bit disappointed that there was no open mic … but that’s probably for the best!

And to top things off, today (March 7) is our daughter Hope’s tenth birthday. We took her and several of her little buddies to Benihana’s for lunch.  It’s hard to believe our little baby is now ten years old.  Time flies.

All in all, what a great day it was!