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survival instincts

As the youngest of five boys, I learned certain survival instincts early in life. It didn’t take long to figure out that not only was I eight years younger but I weighed about 100 pounds less than my next oldest brother. From there, the ratios only widened and were not to my advantage.

For a while, one of my survival tactics included being able to run places the others couldn’t fit. Places like behind couches and under beds. Unfortunately (for me), I eventually outgrew that one myself.

As a result, I have said “uncle” more than one person ought to have to.

Not only do we develop survival tactics to survive older brothers, we develop survival tactics to survive in relationships. Not all survival tactics are bad. If you anticipate getting shipwrecked, it’s wise to pack a few supplies.

But sometimes our survival tactics actually work against having a healthy relationship. Perhaps you trusted a confidant only to have that trust violated. As a survival tactic in future relationships, you decide it’s better to clam up than to share your feelings. That’s not always healthy.

God cares about our relationships because he designed us to need each other. We were made for friendship. The Bible has much to say about how to develop healthy relationships.

I’ll share more as the month goes on. Just don’t make me say “uncle” and we’ll be alright.