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swan lake (something called ballet)

Thanks to a friend from LifePoint, we received two free tickets to the Russian National Ballet’s performance of Swan Lake at the CA Performing Arts Center. I decided to take Hannah and make it a daddy/daughter date. As we were getting settled in, she asks me, “Will they be saying any words?” And not a single word was spoken the entire night!

From an artistic standpoint, it was a beautiful presentation. The dancers all weighed 110 lbs and had muscles that put me to shame. The set was nicely appointed and it was an all-around fun evening.

Hannah and I brought the average age down to about 63 or 65. I was actually surprised at the number of middle-aged guys (40 and above) who actually appeared to be paying attention. I nodded off two or three times during the first half — not due to a lack of interest but more so because I had been awake since about 4:45 that morning. I took advantage of intermission to get a double expresso and that did the trick for the second half.

The best part was getting to spend an evening with Hannah. She picked out a pretty dress and actually held my hand as we walked around. I figure I have until about 12 or 13 before that becomes less common.