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talking points

As a communicator, one of my goals each time I speak is to create at least one “talking point.”  It could be a memorable phrase, story, or unexpected moment that then grows legs and gets talked about during the week.

It doesn’t have to be sensational, just memorable.  And being memorable is often a matter of being meaningful.  A meaningful phrase, story, or moment is one that connected with the heart of the listener.  The idea may have originated in the head, but it has to travel to the heart to become truly memorable.

Since my main arena as a communicator is at church, that means my task is to give careful thought to what I hope will stick long after the message is finished and the parking lot has emptied.  What I’ve discovered is that the best talking points are word pictures.  It’s a turn of phrase that creates an image that stays with the listener.  Or it’s a story that is easily repeated the next day at work.  Or it could be a moment in the message that sparks further discussion over lunch or dinner.

If you’re a communicator, what talking points are you leaving behind?