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One of the items I’ve been working on for Mountainview is a new adult education initiative.  Our mission is similar to many other churches: “To turn unchurched people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”  But what does a “fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ” look like?  Our new adult education thrust is designed to help move people towards maturity in Jesus by teaching everything from the basics to in-depth studies of all sorts.

So … we’ve begun looking for prospective teachers and assistant teachers.  I’m excited to think about the quality of experience that exists in a congregation such as ours.  Life experience, faith experience, job experience.  I’m also excited to envision different environments where people can encounter God and be changed by Him.  And I’m looking forward to teaching one of those classes (maybe the “Dummies Guide to Baseball and Breaking Bread”).

If you’re in or around Mountainview, feel free to pass along the names of those you think would make great teachers.