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In the spirit of Thanksgiving more than turkey, I thought I’d share a few words of thanks.  No particular order, but each is important.

  • Thank you … to my parents for raising me with good values, good humor, and a good foundation.  You may be gone but your memory is alive and well.
  • Thank you … to my wife for sticking with me for nearly 19 years.  I’m glad it’s not true that married start looking alike the longer they’ve been married — more for your sake than mine.
  • Thank you … to my two daughters for bringing joy and laughter into our home in their own unique ways.  I hope for you more than you’ll ever know.
  • Thank you … to the churches that I have blessed to serve over the last 19 years.  It’s been a privilege I have never taken for granted.
  • Thank you … to the Sunday school teachers and preachers who served as catalysts to my young faith.
  • Thank you … to the authors who labored long into the night or who wrote early in the morning in order to give birth to a book that changed my thinking.
  • Thank you … to musicians who craft songs and melodies that stick in my head long after the song has ended.

Most of all, a big thank you to our Lord and Creator for giving us life and a hope that transcends the grave.  In one fell swoop, he offers mercy mixed with mission.  What a great God!