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the big duh sales event

Has anyone else seen the recent campaign for Hyundai? It’s called the Hyundai Big Duh Sales Event and it features a car floating down from space … or being discarded from an interterrestial garbage ferry. I’m not really sure which one it is.

Maybe it’s just me, but the Big Duh Sales Event slogan does nothing to motivate me to buy a Hyundai. In the spirit of Homer (Simpson, not the guy who wrote that long book a long time ago), perhaps it should be called the Hyundai Big Do Sales Event. Like … “Did you know you just bought a Hyundai? Do!’

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  • Tall No Room says:

    Since this campaign, they have tweaked the message a bit (same underlying goal of cheaper=smart assuming all else is equal) in the > campaign to say things like:

    “the logo is there to tell you what the car is….not who you are”

    anyhow, think about it….