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the faith of abraham

There are many things I’d like to be looking forward to when I’m 75 years-old but having a baby isn’t one of them.

The story of God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah is quite amazing.  In a divine visit, God promises this elderly couple a baby and then waits over two decade to fulfill the promise.  To wait so long almost seems cruel, especially when you consider how long they had already waited.

What would you do if the answer to today’s prayer came twenty-five years later?

Not only did Abraham and Sarah have to wait, they had to continue to believe in God’s honesty and integrity.  It’s one thing to be hoping for a child when you’re ready for retirement; it’s an even greater test to wait patiently and faithfully for the Lord to move.

This weekend’s message looks at the example of Abraham’s faith — strong, courageous, unwavering faith.  It’s a faith that believes the impossible can be possible.  And it can be your faith, too.