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the gap between

Integrity lies in the gap between.

The closer a person’s behaviors are to their beliefs, the greater the integrity that person has.  When the gap is stretched to the point where one side cannot see the other, integrity is weakened, if not lost altogether.

Parents may say to their children, “I want you to tell the truth” but if the child has never seen that behavior in the parent, the gap between erodes the message.

A leader may hold followers to one set of criteria or expectations without ever holding themselves to the same standard.  The gap between demotivates and disillusions.

People of character are continually working to minimize the gap between.

In biblical terms, it means to not just be a “hearer” of the word but also a “doer” (James 1:22).

As long as we’re human, the gap will never be completely closed.  That doesn’t mean we have to accept a mile when we have the ability to shorten it to a few yards.