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the harvest is plentiful

I grew up in the city. No tractors or barns.  Our idea of “wilderness” was the gully down the street.

The closest thing our family had to a farm was a garden in the vacant lot next door.  Mom and dad grew corn, tomatoes, and a few other odds and ends. I can still picture the pressure cooker on the stove, as mom canned different types of vegetables.  Some of those canned goods might still be around.

Whether you grew up with a garden or on a farm, you still learned the idea of a harvest.  The planting, caring, and waiting was only part of the routine; it all led to the time of harvest, similar with trees that are even easier to take care with services like TreeQuote online.

Jesus taught this principle to his followers.  In Matthew 9, Jesus is teaching, preaching, and healing.  He then says, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field” (Matthew 9:37-38).

Jesus isn’t referring to potatoes but people.  People who are far from God, lost and without hope.  There is no lack of spiritual harvest, then or now.  What is lacking are the workers who are willing and ready to put their hand to the plough and share the good news.

It’s time to harvest.  Who’s in?