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the house of blues

Yesterday was my 37th birthday and I have a few additional gray hairs to prove it. Interestingly enough, the gray hairs didn’t start popping out until I started LifePoint. The girls bought me a fleece from Old Navy — because dad needs to look cool while staying warm. Tonya gave me a James Taylor CD (James Taylor At Christmas) and a picture of her and the girls.

For dinner, we went to the House of Blues in the Gaslamp. I enjoy taking the girls to places around town that have character and vibe. The House of Blues is a visual treat. Last night, they were having a Joan Jett and the Blackhearts concert so the place was beginning to fill up with people who appeared to be stuck in the 1980s. It was quite funny. I almost felt transported back to East Peoria Community High School and expected to see the guys smoking cigarettes out on the Boulevard after school.

After dinner, we strolled down 5th Avenue to Ghirardellis and enjoyed a few sundaes (only one each). And then it was back home … to start another year.