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the humble nature of the powerful kingdom

LifePoint is part of an informal, emerging conversation that seeks to restore the authenticity of the earliest Christ-followers. Many of the people involved in this conversation come from different denominational backgrounds but share many values in common. Many of the values focus on living out the mission of the church. (Click here to learn more about the “seven layers” of the emergent conversation).

I’m attracted to this conversation because much of it is saturated in humility. There is a shared sense that we’re all in this together and none of us have completely figured everything out. In previous decades, the church growth movement tended to create celebrities – either incidentally or by their own choosing.

Those of us involved in the emerging church conversation have a desire to recapture the humble-power of the early church. In a telling incident, the apostle Peter heals a man but quickly moves to disarm those would make him a celebrity: “Why do you stare at us as if by our own power or godliness we had made this man walk?” (Acts 3:12).

LifePoint has a tremendous opportunity to help form a healthy model for how church life is experienced. But let us never forget that the way of Jesus always involves service, sacrifice, and humility.

May we move swiftly, confidently, and humbly to fulfill what God has called us to do.