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The Inner Workings of Leadership – Character

All too often, discussions about leadership tend to revolve around strategies, systems, or tactics. You’ll find great advice on how to …

  • run a meeting
  • develop a schedule or timeline
  • create to-do lists
  • organize your thoughts
  • brainstorm
  • eat right
  • exercise more

These are not bad things, with the possible exception of exercising more! Even that wouldn’t hurt most people (including me).

But most of those start from the outside and are external in nature.

Effective, sustainable leadership is more than an external system; it comes from the inner spirit – the heart, soul, and mind.

Many would-be leaders assume its the tactics that make well-known leaders effective. Good and great leaders certainly use best practices and support their efforts with well thought out actions.

What these would-be leaders don’t see is what’s on the inside. The inner workings of leadership are not as flashy or tweetable as a strategy or tactic.

One of those inner intangibles is character – the kind of person you are, not the person others think you are. Character is comprised of integrity, sound judgment, and clear priorities and values. Character is being honest even when no one will ever know.

Character is not developed overnight or purchased on Amazon (not yet).

Character is chosen, acted upon, and earned. It never comes about accidentally or by chance.

Younger leaders who experience success because of external matters would do well to not forget the inner workings of leadership – especially character. In fact, without a true, solid character, their long-term success and effectiveness will be significantly hindered.

As you think about your leadership, how much attention are you paying to matters of character?

Let me know!

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