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the morning after the second sunday

It’s 8:56 on Monday morning and I’ve only had two cups of coffee.

LifePoint is now two weeks old and moving right along. One of the most exciting parts of starting a new church community is meeting new people. Yesterday we had 50 people attend one of our two gatherings who I did not know three weeks ago. This is in addition to all the people who were there that I did know three weeks ago!

We’re continually fine-tuning and had our sound down to a more manageable level yesterday. Just like any start-up (church or dot-com), there will be glitches that must be continually worked on. Unfortunately, churches don’t have the luxury of beta testers. Even then, I’ve been around tech companies that released software that they knew was buggy but shipped it any way.

One of the great things about LifePoint is that we are not program-driven, meaning that everything must be just right and done with mechanical precision. We’re a worshiping community made up of ordinary people who want to offer God the best we can. But we recognize that we’re also human and humans flub up from time to time.

As we like to say around LifePoint, we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we take God very seriously.

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  • Britton Dennis says:

    I tried to get my thoughts on Sunday down today. I thought the analogy was pretty apparent.

    Can’t wait for next Sunday!

  • Jim Tudor says:


    Congrats on another great day in the life of LifePointe. You generally cannot type with only two cups of coffee so I am really impressed.