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the original

Soft drink companies are continually researching and developing new ideas.  In 1985, to much fanfare and after spending millions of research dollars, Coca Cola release New Coke.  The result?  It bombed.  Fast-forward to 2006.  Trying to dip a straw into the coffee market, Coca Cola introduced us to Coca Cola BlaK — a cola drink infused with coffee.  The result?  Anderson Cooper tried it on live television and spit it out.  It bombed, too.

In my own opinion, it’s almost sacrilegious to taint the reputation of coffee in such a way.

Why did these two products fail even though the company millions of dollars and untold hours testing and refining them?  The short answer: they weren’t the original Coca Cola.  In fact, the company quickly discovered this and tried to market original Coke as “Classic Coke.”  How often do you still here that phrase?

When it comes to finding meaning and purpose in life, many folks stop just short of the “real” Jesus.  They get close enough to catch a glimpse but they’re not seeing the full picture.  The Jesus they find may be one they’ve created in their own mind … or it’s the Hollywood version … or the oil painting at the flea market Jesus.

If you’re trying to settle life’s most important questions, let me encourage you to not stop until you find the real Jesus.  Don’t make decisions that will affect your life and destiny based upon incomplete information.  Press in, persist, keep searching.  The original Jesus is out there.