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the other ken hensley

This past weekend, I spoke about how through Jesus we can approach God with confidence (Hebrews 4:14-16).  To open my message, I shared a story from my freshman year of high school.

I was stopped in the hallway one day by a senior football player.  My first thought: he’s going to stuff me in a locker.  Instead, he asked me, “Is your name Ken Hensley?”  My second thought: what have I done?

Before I could answer, he asked me a second question: “Is your dad the lead singer of Uriah Heep?  His name is Ken Hensley.”  For those of you who don’t know, Uriah Heep was a popular band in the 1970’s and the lead singer was in fact Ken Hensley (see picture below — total resemblance).

I had two choices: lie and be popular for about a week … until he found out the truth and then he’d stuff me in a locker (or even worse).  Or, I could tell the truth and he would be disappointed but I would live.  I told the truth.

In that moment I developed a principle that allowed me to survive high school: if you weigh 140 pounds, it’s best to make friends with the biggest guy in school.

Since then, I have a added a few pounds and my own website (that’s where you are —  The former lead singer of Uriah Heep, the other Ken Hensley, left the band, became a believer in Jesus, and has his own website (  A few times a year I will get an unsolicited email from someone that reads, “Dude, your concert in Denmark in 1972 changed my life!”  I will kindly respond that they have the “other” Ken Hensley and will direct them to the right address.

I’ve been tempted to write back and say “thanks” but better judgment prevails.