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the pastor and blogging

I get a kick when I hear someone refer to blogging as “old school.”  Canvas Converse are old school.

But it is true that of the three major forms of social media — Facebook, Twitter, and blogging — blogging is the oldest form.  Even more so when you realize that blogging is just the electronic version of keeping a journal (I would say diary but that turns off most guys).

I have had some form of a blog at since 2001.  There are several reasons why I have chosen to continue blogging.  These include:

1.  Platform.  A blog provides a platform to express yourself without the limits of 140 characters, 30 minutes, etc.  This is not about ego but influence.  I try to write blog posts that have benefits beyond myself.  I try to pass along helpful information from other writers and sites.  Having a blog is a great way to categorize things you care about and provide information to people.

2.  Catharsis.  Much like keeping a journal or a diary, a blog is a wonderful way to express emotion and to process events.  I’m not talking about venting or vomiting every emotional detail.  But when a tragedy strikes or a challenge arises, I’ve found that blogging provides a way to engage the difficulty head-on — not necessarily to the point of resolution.  A blog post allows more space than a Facebook update, and in a more personal way.

3.  Discipline.  You’ve heard it said that leaders are readers.  I also believe they are good writers.  As one who is paid to communicate with the spoken word, the discipline of writing words is a good one.  It helps to distill thoughts and work out kinks.  Regular blogging keeps my thinking skills sharp.

4.  Development.  This is similar to discipline.  As any blogger will tell you, “There are great thoughts out there.”  The discipline of regular blogging has forced me to stay current, to research what others are saying, and has opened me up to a wealth of information.  I would break this development into two parts: personal and professional.   I have grown as a person, pastor, and leader as a result of blogging.

Those are my reasons.  Why do you blog?