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the variety of life

I’ve decided to take a break from preparing my message for the end of this month and blog a bit. It’s all because of a book title: “The Violin Explained.” No, I haven’t grown soft and decided to take up the violin — though I might just to spite you.

It’s the title of a book a lady is reading on the couch at Twiggs. The title made me want to look around and see what everyone else was doing (especially since I’m probably the only one writing a sermon). There’s an elderly lady doing her crossword puzzle; most days she brings a book but today must be puzzle day. Another lady is working through a textbook of some kind. I’m not curious enough to be nosey. The guy in shades with his iPod is hiding behind a laptop screen. A middle-aged man with the only pressed shirt in the place is flipping through pages of a spreadsheet. Trumpet boy is blowing his horn at an outside table.

This is what I love about Twiggs — and San Diego in general. It’s variety. It’s a daily dose of different.

I like preparing my messages “out in the open” because it gives me a sense of the sights and sounds of our community.

I wonder what they would think if they knew I was listening to George Winston play Charley Brown tunes on my iPod.