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the week in review

It’s been a long time between posts — long for me, maybe not for you.

We are in the midst of a few transitions at LifePoint, several of which have kept me rightfully busy. As a new church community begins to develop and take shape, it is my task to see that we continue to allow God to shape our heart, vision, and values. The first two years will put in place the DNA of a church and it’s important that our DNA is healthy and reflects who God wants us to be.

Our girls also began softball practices (yes, that is plural). Hope is playing her first year of organized softball, called “minis” and Hannah is in her second year with the Navajo league. She also played for three years in Georgia as well. Both girls are naturally coordinated — not sure where that came from. It’s a blast to watch them interact with other players and their coaches. It also keeps our cars humming.

And I’ve been taking the opportunity to sit down with people over coffee and just talk about how things are going. It’s amazing how few people get asked about how they are REALLY doing — not the “how are you doing? question we ask but really don’t care to know the answer. Not that I’ve ever asked that question before …

Last but not least, Friday night ushered in the weekend complete with three sick people out of a family of four. I’m afraid I’m on the verge of making it four for four.

This has been our week …