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trolley adventures continue

This morning I arrive at the trolley station, trot up the stairs, and start to wait for the trolley to arrive. Feeling a bit cold (OK, by San Diego standards it was cold), I decided to run back to the car to get my coat. As I’m returning to the station I see my trolley roll off into the distance. At least I was warm while waiting for the next trolley.

So … when it’s time to leave work, I get down to the street (from my 3rd floor office) and remember I had left my coat up in the office. Jogging back up the steps, I grab my coat, and hit the street again. I’m zipping up my coat as I see my trolley rolling off into the distance. In my mind I’m saying, “unbelievable.” I guess I could have said it out loud and no one would have thought anything about it since it is downtown.

So … I wait for the next trolley to arrive, which takes about 30 minutes. When it does arrive, it is a two-car trolley as opposed to the normal four or six car trolley. It’s barely started on its route and it’s already crowded like a cattle car. And it only gets worse with each successive stop.

Directly in front of me is a lady talking out loud, to no one in particular. My first thought is that she was talking on a bluetooth. Then I notice she doesn’t have a bluetooth. Then I try not to make eye contact because the stuff she’s talking about is really strange.

But at least I had my coat. And I was warm.