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On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I gallivanted around in a short-sleeve shirt.  Today we’re in the midst of a snow blizzard.  Such is life when you live in Denver.

Life is filled with quick turnarounds.  One moment business is good and on the upswing; the next it’s hard to get a client to return a call.  Husbands and wives know how quickly a conversation can turnaround.  Say the wrong word and you’ve stepped on a landmine.  The next thirty minutes (or three days) have just been turned around.

On the positive side, it’s just as easy to turnaround a negative situation.  When the wrong thoughts start creeping in, force them out.  Turn them around.  When a conversation is headed south, turn it north.  A word of encouragement turnaround not only a person’s day but their life as well.

Now if only the weather would turnaround again …