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two forces

There are two forces at work, shaping our lives.  The first is our memory which calls us back to the past, our upbringing, our foundation.  We often make decisions without even being aware of the influence our past may still hold on us.

This is not all bad.  We learn from our experiences and hope to repeat what was good and avoid what was harmful.  Yet, we may also feel bound to maintain a tradition or legacy that no longer serves its purpose.

The second force at work is desire which leans forward into the future, our hope, and our dreams.  Desire is a powerful force, prompting people to do strange things.  When used properly, desire can motivate us to seek out new avenues of growth and to take God-inspired steps of faith.

When we only act out of memory, we may miss opportunities that lie in front of us.

When we only act out of desire, we may repeat the mistakes of the past.