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Update from the road and beyond

It’s been a while since my last post but it’s not due (completely) to laziness. Over the last 2 weeks we’ve held our final worship service at LifePoint, sent the kids to camp, packed most of our earthly belongings in a rolling tin can, and driven from San Diego to Highlands Ranch. We slept Saturday night in our old house and last night in our new house.

Moving is a great time to purge. While the kids were at camp, Tonya and I made executive decisions about what to keep and what to give away. We gave stuff to the Salvation Army (if for no other reason than to help fund their incredible “Amazing Grace” video) — but most of the stuff was given away on Craigslist. As much as possible, we believe in re-circulating stuff. It is interesting to see what people will take when it’s free.

We had helping hands from our LifePoint family to load the moving truck. Packing the truck reminded me of why I love Tetris. One of the guys even remembered the theme music. ABF charges by the linear foot. We made it in just under 20 linear feet. I’ve also developed a fondness for ratchet straps, though I’m not sure what I’ll do with 12 of them.

We drove Sunday from San Diego to Vegas. I left with less money than I arrived with, but only because I paid cash for a few meals. I did get my picture taken with an Elvis imitator. It’s my new Facebook profile pic.

Monday we drove from Las Vegas to Grand Junction, CO. It was the longest and hottest part of the trip. The temperature in Death Valley was 120 degrees. We also drove through some beautiful canyons in western Utah. The girls liked the hotel because it had an indoor pool.

Tuesday we tackled the Rockies with no problems or troubles. We arrived in Highlands Ranch around 4 PM, got the key to our house, and unloaded the cars. Hope even went to VBS at Mountainview.

Hopefully our truck will arrive today and we’ll be able to unload tonight. ABF has missed 2 previous deadlines so we’ll see. The kids think sleeping on the floor is fun …