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wal-mart rant

You might read the title and assume that I’m going to rail against Wal-Mart on account of its healthcare benefits for employees or its consumption of global resources. Nope, not going to do it.

This is about bathroom access. Due to the rain, we went to Parkway Plaza, one of the few indoor malls in San Diego. I had a 2 PM coaching call and needed to use the restroom before sitting down for an hour. So … I saunter into Wal-Mart only to find the men’s restroom is being cleaned. The cleaning lady kindly directs me to go upstairs to another restroom … only to find that it is being cleaned, too!

Now, I understand that it is possible to have two unanticipated accidents at the same time — thus necessitating that both restrooms be cleaned. Of course, an “unanticipated” accident is different than the type of accident you plan for 🙂

Or, it might just be poor coordination between the toilet scrubbers.

This little episode might have been forever lost if it hadn’t been for the sign hanging prominently in the entrance to Wal-Mart: “Wal-Mart has been voted the top shopping experience in San Diego.”

Nordstroms would never let something like this happen! Never!

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  • Teresa K says:

    So funny that I’m reading this today & had the exact same experience in the Highlands Ranch Wal-Mart yesterday!! There is a restroom in the back of that store that was being cleaned so I shopped for another 10 min & came back & it was still closed. So right before checking out I went to the one up front & the cleaning cart was there. A lady then told me it was closed!! I said ‘I waited for the one in the back & it was closed…now I’ve got to go!!’ She let me in along w/ another lady. A cleaning lady inside then warned us of chemicals on the seats. 😉 At that point I DIDN’T CARE!!!