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walk on: the spiritual journey of U2

I’m about halfway through the book about the spiritual life of U2. It’s an interesting read, especially since it weaves in both lyrics and interviews. It seems that Bono, The Edge, and Larry all became Christians while in their teens in Dublin, Ireland. Adam remains the only spiritual free agent.

At times the author sounds more like a fan than an observer but it hasn’t detracted from the book. One angle that I’m most interested in is how art and faith co-exist and how U2 has chosen to be more missional in their approach to art.

The author uses the term “Christian ghetto” to describe the sometimes restrictive environment of the corporate church. Hmmm.

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  • Beth says:

    If you’re not reading the old 2001 edition (which I think you may be since you mention lyrics being included), you’ll find out in one of the later chapters that Adam Clayton has also come to faith, just about 20 years late…. Enjoy the book, Steve is a great guy with a lot of interesting thoughts on the interface of faith and culture. And yes, a big fan, but hey….

  • ken hensley says:

    Hi Beth, I’m reading the 2005 edition. The lyrics I mentioned are not in their entirety but used in short quotes. That’s good to know about Adam. I’ve also found the book is a good conversation starter.

  • Beth says:

    Yeah, I had someone tell me they used our U2 sermons book to start conversations about God on the beach…

  • ken hensley says:

    I just posted on craiglist seeing if anyone was interested in forming a discussion group around the topic. I’ll let you know what materializes.