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wannabee, knowitall, or sponge

Which kind of leader are you?

The Wannabee.  This person wants to be a leader or an entrepreneur or a church planter or a … fill in the blank.  Why?  Because it’s the cool thing to do.  It’s trendy.  The wannabee doesn’t have a personal sense of mission that is driving his or her decisions.  Without a deeply-felt sense of purpose, the wannabee drifts from conference to conference looking for what is currently in style.

The Knowitall.  Most of us have known a know-it-all.  This is the person who has an answer to everything and therefore doesn’t seek out the answers of others.  The knowitall already has it figured out.  What may be projected as confidence is really insecurity — and a fear that they will be found out.  At the root of the knowitall is pride and an emphasis on “I”.

The Sponge.  How can you discern a sponge from a wannabee or knowitall?  It’s easy: listen to who does most of the talking.  A sponge learns by listening.  They absorb and observe.  A sponge asks questions.  They read.  They surround themselves with smart people and let them do their jobs.  If pride is the driving factor behind a wannabee or knowitall, humility characterizes the sponge.

So, which kind of leader will you be?