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we can do better

We have assembled a great staff at Mountainview. God has blessed us with talented, passionate men and women who are committed to him and his church. When you have a great team, it makes ministry all that much more enjoyable.

Our staff meetings regularly includes times of devotion and study. When we worship and learn together, it helps us stay focused on the things that are truly important.

At a staff meeting earlier this year, I took the opportunity to remind each person that they were seated at the table because we believed they were the best qualified person for the job. We have staff members who have served at larger churches, hold more degrees, and look better than their senior pastor.

Even with all that talent, I told them this: We can do better. In fact, we must do better.

This is not about perfection but effectiveness. It’s about the continual pursuit of bringing glory and honor to God by putting our best foot forward.

What if you finished a project and then asked, “How could we have done that better?”

After giving your proposal, step back and ask the same question — How could I have done that better?

Are there times to stop and celebrate? Absolutely. And we should do so more often. This isn’t about being dour and in the dumps; far from it. We celebrate all wins, small and large. In fact, we should celebrate the failures that taught us valuable lessons.

But … we should never allow our wins to make us complacent.

The moment we have decided to not get better is the moment we have decided to plateau or stagnate.

There is too much at stake, for you and for those around you.

Can you do better?