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we have a forwarding address

We had one goal in mind when we travelled this week to Highlands Ranch: to return to San Diego with a forwarding address.  In prepping for the trip, I noticed there’s not an abundance of rental homes in Highlands Ranch — even fewer that were within the range of what we wanted to spend on rent.  At one house, we toured the house at the same time as two other couples toured the house … and even more were scheduled an hour later.  We submitted an application for the house only to have someone else submit one before us.  Another house we were scheduled to view cancelled a few hours beforehand because the house had just been rented.

Our prayer for the last few weeks has been for God to provide the right house, in the right neighborhood, with good friends and a good school for the girls.  With that in mind, we didn’t get too stressed out — at least not from the house-hunting part.  Having everyone locked up in a car for three to four hours a day was a different story.

On Thursday we viewed a home that had been up for sale for several months without an offer and the owners had decided to test the rental market.  We were fortunate to be among the first prospective tenants to view the house.  We were greeted at the door not by the real estate agent but by her assistant.  As we introduced ourselves, I mentioned I was moving to Highlands Ranch to work at Mountainview Community Christian Church.  In fact, I had arrived with Jim Phillips, the senior pastor.  Don, the realtor’s assistant, said, “Well, I attend Southeast Christian Church in Parker.”

All four of us liked the house and felt good about the location, schools, etc.  We still had one house left to look at — one that was only two years old and would rent for less than the house we were in.  In spite of that, we decided this was the home we wanted to rent and filled out an application and gave a deposit on the spot.

We’re still awaiting final papers but that should happen over the next few days.  The owners are in Texas and we were flying back to San Diego on Friday.  So … stay tuned.  Up next: pictures.