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week three

LifePoint is now three weeks old and getting older all the time. As a new church community, there are growing fits and learning experiences. Technology continues to be a blessing and a curse. The same program that allows you to feed text over video and jump slides on the fly is the same program that decides to lock up five minutes before worship is to start. Personally, I believe it’s the spirit of Bill Gates manifesting itself in our PC. At least XP got rid of the blue screen of death.

Our LifePoint team continues to serve cheerfully and enthusiastically. Many of them are serving dual roles at both gatherings — some arrive as early as 7:00 AM. Building a new church community is definitely a team adventure. And I do mean adventure.

One very encouraging sign is the number of new faces who have offered to help. This is the lifeblood of a new church.

Next Sunday we’ll get up and do it again. Not because we have to but because the mission is compelling. The mission of reconnecting people with the God who created them and loves them immensely.