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weekend update

Our Mountainview church office is closed on Fridays so Tonya and I have been spending our Fridays together – usually at thrift stores and new restaurants.  After tracking down a few stores, we’ll hit a new spot for lunch.  Two weeks ago we stumbled upon Moe’s BBQ in Englewood.  Besides having great BBQ, catfish, and corn fritters, they also have a vintage bowling alley next door.  After eating fried catfish with a side of banana pudding, I opted out of the bowling experience.  This past Friday, we ventured out into Aurora and beyond and found a joint called Dickey’s BBQ.  Though part of a national chain, the food was outstanding — I especially recommend the baked potato casserole.  If you pick the two-meat-meal, you can pick two sides.  Pick the baked potato casserole.

On Saturday we took the girls to Washington Park, one of the largest parks here in Denver.  Locals refer to it as “Wash” Park and it’s a mecca for joggers and bikers.  We rented a double-pedal boat and kicked around the lake for about an hour.  It was exercise wrapped up as fun and adventure.

This weekend I had the privilege of speaking about how we can best prepare our hearts for spiritual growth.  Using Jesus’ parable of the sower (Matthew 13), I asked people to consider what kind of soil they are and then to consider what God could do with a patch of good soil.  I closed with three specific action steps: plow your soil, put down roots, and pull the weeds.  Our drama team put together a fun video spoofing the Geico commercials where they hire professionals to interpret for regular people.  I especially loved the line, “Since dirt has no personality, we’ve hired …”

Well, tomorrow is Labor Day and I’m planning on celebrating by exerting as little labor as possible.  Be safe.  Have fun!