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what are you missing out on

Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8 offers a good lesson for anyone who wants to grow and advance beyond their current situation. After Philip asks a very powerful question (do you understand what you are reading?), the eunuch responds with an equally powerful question:

“How can I unless someone guides me?”

And with that question he invited Philip to join him in the chariot.

This man undoubtedly had more money and power than this preaching deacon. He was the Secretary of the Treasure for Candace the Queen. He was educated, evidenced by the fact that he is reading the scroll himself. He had no prior experience with Philip by which to gauge Philip’s credentials.

But one thing he did have was humility.

Therein lies the difference between one who will stay prideful and stuck and one who is willing to learn.

The prideful respond by saying, “I can figure this out by myself.”

The humble are grateful for the help.

How often have you missed an opportunity to learn because the person offering to help didn’t measure up to your standards? Or, you felt insecure admitting that you didn’t already have it figured out?

Humility opens the door for learning, and therefore growth, to occur.

Stay humble my friend.