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what does a win look like

I’ve begun leading a group of our ministry leads at church in a collaborative effort to improve how we do ministry.

Rather than jump into the details of doing ministry, I decided to start with vision alignment.  The idea is to help us explore and improve how well our individual ministries fit within the overall mission of our church.  Momentum and growth are generated by having each ministry aligned as closely as possible with the main vision and mission of the church.

To that end, I’ve started working with the ministry leads to define what a “win” looks like in their respective areas.  Our Mountainview mission statement is similar to many others: to reach unchurched people and turn them into fully devoted followers of Jesus.

We understand what it means to be unchurched.  But what does a “fully devoted follower of Jesus” look like?  What does that mean on the macro and micro level?

In other words, how do we know if we are winning?

In business, marriage, or church, a failure to define a win will cause confusion nearly every time.  It will delay decisions.  It will create conflict.  In the worst case, different individuals (or divisions) may actually be pursuing different definitions of success.  And while they both may be “winning,” the overall organization might actually be losing.

It should be a fun process!