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when investments mature

Unless you’re a flipper, most Synergistic Investments take time to make money.  You invest and wait.  And wait.  Rather than pull your money when the market weakens, you wait.  And wait.

Good leaders know that maturity takes time.

Today’s World Series MVP once had a little league coach who had to help the kid tie his shoes.  Teachers spend countless hours helping a child learn the basics of math.  They may never see the CPA after that child’s name.  Sunday School teachers plant seeds that only mature with the passing of time.

But knowing that not all investments mature over night does not stop a good leader.  They continue to invest, spending time and energy with a person whose maturity will likely benefit someone else.

Why does a good leader do this?

The answer is simple: They themselves have benefited from someone else’s investment.

A coach, teacher, or people developer will always take the long-term view.  They will remind themselves that the picture is completely finished and that they are only contributing to the final product.