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In 2 Corinthians 5:7, Paul spells out a basic principle of how to live and move as a Christ-follower: “For we live by faith, not by sight.”

Over the years, I’ve noticed a few basic characteristics of people who walk by sight and not by faith. When you walk by sight, you’ll find yourself saying one of two things:

“Let’s go back.”

you walk by sight, you will focus on circumstances rather than the vision God has for your life. After 400 years of slavery and a few years (OK, 40!) of wandering in the desert, the Israelites were willing to return to Egypt rather than wait for the Promised Land.

“Let’s stand still.”

In the midst of an opportunity, those who walk by sight will become paralyzed. There is a time to pray and reflect but there is also a time to act.

Churches don’t ever really stand still; they either make progress or they fall backward. Christians do not stand still; they either grow or they decline in their spiritual life.

We must not stand still when God says to go forward!

So, how does a person of faith respond to the circumstances of life? They say, “Let’s go forward.”

Going forward involves risk. Faith always stretches us beyond where we are. If you can see every step of the way, you’re not walking by faith but by sight.

I don’t want to get settled into a life that is routine, boring, and predictable. I imagine you don’t either.