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who then what

In my communion meditation this weekend, I referenced Paul’s conversion story in Acts 22 as a good model for relating with God.  Three times in the book of Acts this story is told.  In Acts 22, Saul (soon to be Paul) asks Jesus two questions:

  1. Who are you, Lord? (v. 8)
  2. What shall I do, Lord? (v. 10)

These questions are in the proper order.

So often we want to jump straight into what God wants us to do without first asking who it is we are dealing with.  “Who are you, Lord?” ought to be our first question.  Before we can create we must know the Creator.

Perhaps we prefer action over contemplation because action seems to be accomplishing something.  What we may not realize is this: getting to know God is action enough.

As Christ-followers, our actions / strategies / movements / dreams must spring from the well of God’s character, not our selfish ambition or restless nature.  If we ask the right question first, it will lead us to action.  However, we may ask the second question and get real busy in pursuit of the answer … only to find we missed the heart of God.